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Kilimanjaro Lifetime Adventures is the registered Tanzania Local Tour Operator Company located in Moshi Town Kilimanjaro Region. The company is legally recognized by the government business registration and Operation Authorities and Agencies to cater Tanzania inbound travelers for their holidays in Tanzania i.e TANAPA. The company is one of the sustainable tourism companies on focusing of satisfying the present generation while conserving for the resources for the future generation. It being a classic tour company, we mainly focus on providing unique experiences for traveler’s holiday based on Adventures tours Mountain Climbing, Wildlife Safari Tour, Beach Holidays, Cultural and historical visits, other day trips excursions around the traveler’s arrival destination. The company caters the inbound travelers to all of Tanzania Majestic destinations. Kilimanjaro Lifetime Adventures will make you experience Tanzania destinations in a very unique and your tasty manner. Allow us to show you around is this fantastic destination with a unique means of giving you a life time memorable experience.

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Welcome to Tanzania and explore its majestic holiday destinations with Kilimanjaro Lifetime Adventures.

Kilimanjaro Lifetime Adventures is the best at Mount Kilimanjaro Adventures, wildlife safaris and beach holidays. Our team is mounted with the best professional guides who are knowledgeable, charming, caring, reliable and with great passion and drive to ensure your lust for adventure and fun in Tanzania is unforgettable!

We have a great selection of Tanzania tour itineraries for you!
Whether you are new or a returning visitor(s), our itineraries range from luxurybudgetgroup, and private tours in Tanzania.

We take joy in providing you the best experience and seeing you be amazed with a variety of Tanzania’s attractions. Take this opportunity to explore and enjoy the most popular as well as hidden gems of Tanzania with us.

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  • Full-time Support
  • We are Experts
  • Personalized Affordable Service
  • Flexible Itineraries
  • Safety Standards

We, at Kilimanjaro Lifetime Adventures, provide the best Kilimanjaro Hiking Packages and Wildlife Safari Tours for Affordable Prices. Get in touch Now!


Our vision is to provide an outstanding adventures tours and safari services experiences by creating an inspiring and unique journey that meet and support traveler’s objectives, while being more sustainable to the destinations for the continuous consumption and build Kilimanjaro Lifetime Adventures as a preferred brand for travelers and partners which will enhance the market position.


To be Tanzania tourism services’ industry benchmark by offering unique, sustainable, high-quality and cost-effective travel services to Tanzania inbound travelers by covering their travel needs for both travelers, corporate and travel agents, while insuring the sustainability measure to the destinations for our services.


Sustainability, Uniqueness, Effectiveness, Responsive, Reliable and Quality



With the Majestic Kilimanjaro Mountain, the highest in Africa and the highest freestanding in the World, and its little brother of Mount Meru and the Eastern Arc Mountains, the Usambara and Udzungwa Mountains in Tanzania, Kilimanjaro Lifetime Adventures will take you to meet the real and great adventure of the Mountain Climbing. You can enjoy the climbing, paragliding and biking climb in these beautiful natures.

Kilimanjaro Local Tour Operator Company

Having more than 26 national parks, game reserves, conservation area and game controlled area, Tanzania offers the best spot for wildlife safari with its Award winning certificate for the best African Safari destination in 2017 from safari booking with the Almighty Serengeti and its little sisters, Kilimanjaro Lifetime Adventures as one of the best Tanzania local Tour company, will make you enjoy the unique jungle safari in this destination for a game drive, walking safari, birding safari and all jungle related activities, welcome and explore with us.


Tanzania has the popular Island in the Indian Ocean, the Mafia and Zanzibar Island which holds the clear coral water and the clean white sand beaches. Moreover, there is a large part of the Indian Ocean coastal areas ranging from Bagamoyo, Dar-es-Salaam and Tanga that gives an authentic pleasure of the clean beaches to relax.


Speaking of the History, Tanzania holds two of the major World history which are the famous colonialism in Africa, the Slave trade history along the Indian Ocean and the Evolution archeological history of the Olduvai Gorge in Ngorongoro. Moreover, the country has more than 126 tribes which exhibit their own culture with the Poplar Masai Culture and the Tanzania Bush men, the Hadzabe tribe in the Northern Tanzania, hence you can do a homestay and enjoy the total way of living from this community with us.


Other than the Tanzania multi-day tours, Kilimanjaro Lifetime Adventures organize the Tanzania day trips excursions where we will take you to the natural scenery such as waterfalls, coffee plantations, caves, cycling, city walking and other day excursions. You will see the list in the package.  The day trip excursions are ideal for the business tourists, or the travelers who have a free day before or after an epic Tanzania multi-day tour.

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